Implicit Bias

Implicit Bias

“If you have private insurance, they’ll sit and talk with you and spend that time with you but if you’re on Medicaid, it’s just in and out”

– Woman in focus group

Implicit bias is the unconscious judgement that an individual makes based on stereotypes, and in order to improve care quality, it must be addressed.

A patient’s experience is more than just the interaction with the physician. The goal of this committee is to gain a better understanding of a woman’s perspective as she moves through an office. Through this knowledge, decision makers can better address implicit bias and ensure that appropriate training is implemented for the entire staff – from reception to physicians. By creating and implementing quality training programs for healthcare staff, these individuals will increase self-awareness and ensure they give each and every woman the quality care she deserves.

Implicit Bias Committee

Dr. Anitra Beasley – Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Christina Davidson – Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women/Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Jocelyn Greely – Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. LaTanya Love – UTHealth
Kay Matthews – Shade of Blue
Dr. Quianta Moore – Baker Institute, Rice University

Dr. Carla Ortique – The Women’s Specialists of Houston (Chair)
Mercy Otunla – Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women
Jai Pierre Ravens – The Women’s Earth
Dr. McClain Sampson – University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work
Dr. Ann Schutt-Aine – Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast
LaToya Shields – The Council on Recovery
Kendra Smith – University of Houston College of Medicine