Bright By Text

By Improving Maternal Health
August 5, 2020

Because kids don’t come with instructions, Bright by Text is providing support to expecting or recent parents through their intuitive text messaging service. As part of a larger nationwide initiative, First3Years and other local service providers are teaming up to bring the Bright by Text program to Harris County.

Parents and caregivers of young children — from prenatal to age 8 — can subscribe to this free messaging service available in English and Spanish. Messages will highlight easy, practical tips and activities timed exactly to your due date or your child’s age. 

Imagine receiving a text message providing helpful tips on how to prepare for parenthood or getting a friendly message welcoming you and your 2 year old to an event happening right in your community. Other content includes: timely information about local resources, extended learning materials, short modeling videos, developmental milestones, and curated content from partners such as PBS and Sesame Street in Communities.

The goal is to provide caretakers the information they need when they need it, in order to support healthy child development and build strong, resilient families. 

For an expecting mom or dad, the text messages give information such as how to prepare for your new life as a family, with content from trusted partners such as the March of Dimes and Nurse-Family Partnership. Appropriate developmentally-based information is delivered, including which vaccines a woman should receive during pregnancy or better understanding of your mood and emotions and ways to cope. Always with the knowledge that pregnancy looks different for everyone and you should talk to your medical provider if you have questions about your feelings or your baby’s development.

There is no risk to sign up; you can rest assured that Bright by Text will never share your information or try to sell you anything. Over 100,000 adults have signed up, and 95% of caregivers indicated that Bright by Text helped them feel more confident and informed about their child’s development. 

We hope that Bright by Text will bring empowerment to Houston’s own parents, connecting them to the best that national experts and local resources have to offer. For more information or to sign up today, go to Bright by Text.